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Polish cuisine (kuchnia polska) is a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions. 


Born as a mixture of various culinary traditions, both of various regions of Poland and surrounding cultures, it uses a large variety of ingredients.  It is rich in meat of all kinds and with spices, as well as in different kinds of noodles and, the most notable of which are the pierogi.

It is related to other Slavic cuisines in usage of kasza and other cereals, but was also under the heavy influence of Turkic, Germanic, Hungarian, Jewish, French or colonial cuisines of the past.  Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is rich and substantial.  Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time in order to enjoy their meals.

A typical lunch is usually composed of at least three courses, starting with a soup, such as barszcz (beet) or żurek (sour rye meal mash), followed perhaps in a restaurant by an appetizer of salmon or herring (prepared in either cream, oil or vinegar). Other popular appetizers are various meats, vegetables or fish in aspic. 

For the main course you may want to try the national dish, sauerkraut with pieces of meat and sausage) or kotlet schabowy (breaded pork cutlet).  Finish on a sweet note with ice cream or, more likely if you are fortunate enough to be dining at someone's home, a piece of home-made poppy seed cake, or drożdżówka, a type of yeast cake.  Other Polish specialities include chłodnik (a chilled beet or fruit soup for hot days), golonka (pork knuckles cooked with vegetables), kołduny (meat dumplings), zrazy (slices of beef), salceson and flaczki (tripe soup).


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